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Story release and upcoming concert.

1. My story, “A Better Place,” is up at Bourbon Penn.   Jamie Schultz > A Better Place > Bourbon Penn Cover the window! There — the curtains. Hurry up, just — Thank you. Thank you. Jeez, didn’t you even read my file?  ... read more

Solo show at Checkered Past Winery

This Friday, November 11, I’ll be playing a solo acoustic(ish) show at Checkered Past Winery from 8:30 to 10:30. Expect a lot of Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs, some original tunes, some weird stuff, and at least half a dozen instances of me getting... read more

Outrun the Reptile now available

My songwriting collaborator and I have at long last completed our album! It’s called Outrun the Reptile, and we’re releasing it under the name H&S Salvage. We’re really proud of these tunes–solid groove rock with a few surprises. Visit my music page for details, including... read more

My Year in Art – 2014

I’ve started writing this retrospective each year to disabuse myself of the notion that I didn’t get shit done each year. It helps.     Goals from last year: 1.            Finish writing the first draft of third book in the Arcane Underworld series. Done! And... read more

On Monitoring…

Scene: My dad’s study/music room, which is furnished with some top-notch recording equipment. DAD and ME are sitting there, each with a pair of headphones on, attempting to get his recorded vocal and guitar to sound right. DAD: The voice sounds too thin. Why doesn’t... read more

Jamie’s Quick Rules for Recording

These are highly idiosyncratic and personal, so likely don’t work for everyone, but these are the rules I live by: 1.) If I need more than 22 tracks to say something, I probably can’t say it. 1a.) Recording guitar tracks in stereo is almost always... read more

My Year in Art

Every year, I look back and think, “I didn’t get shit done this year!” Sometimes that’s accurate. Other times, that’s more a result of failure to step out of the day-to-day frustrations and look at the broader picture. And also a result of having unrealistic... read more


So I’m recording a tune with my musical partner in crime, D. We’re trying to get all the backing vocals nailed down so we can get the track out to our session drummer with the right amount of energy in it, and D is really... read more